Volvo Penta Neutra-Salt Engine Flushing System.

The Volvo Penta Neutra-Salt Engine Flushing System is now available for installation on all engines, inboards, and sterndrives. This system is designed for both freshwater- and saltwater-cooled engines that have an engine driven
raw-water pump. With the installation and use of the Volvo Penta Engine Flushing System, you have an effective and simple solution to combat internal corrosion and help extend
the life of your engine.

More on how it works:
To operate, simply engage the "Flush" switch by pushing and holding the dash-mounted switch for 45 seconds while running the engine at idle speed.
Once the Flush switch is engaged, the Neutra-Salt concentrate solution will be injected into the cooling system, leaving a corrosion-inhibiting coating on all metal surfaces, thereby neutralizing the salinity of incoming seawater.
For best results, use the NeutraSalt Engine Flushing System after every trip.

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