General Boat Service

Service to a wide range of marine craft.

We are able to service a range of marine craft from small tinnies, jet skis to larger fishing and recreational vessel up to the larger commercial vessels. 

What's involved in a service?

What do you expect and what should you get?

Servicing is not a breakdown repair.   

Good servicing should ensure you don't get stuck out on the water and your motor is reliable and safe.

Some services can be relatively expensive compared to general automotive because of the quality and precision of the parts. Consider this, a small outboard engine blocks similar to a small car engine can produce 40 to 300 horsepower, this is race performance. They require higher quality components and tolerances than regular motors. This doesn't mean they are less reliable, it can be quite the opposite for those that are regularly serviced and maintained as required.

Regular servicing is absolutely essential.

Imagine grabbing a V8 race car engine and soaking it in salt water, think of the potential problems that will eventuate! The sea is a tough environment for all metal parts and not a very nice place to get stuck in either.

If you get your outboard or inboard serviced by Can Do Marine you can expect your outboard or inboard to be reliable and safe.

Servicing is not just ' changing the oil, and filter or fitting new plugs'.

Whilst Can Do Marine is servicing your engine, trained eyes are roving over fuel systems and control mechanisms looking for any potential faults.

Removing plugs and doing a compression test can reveal faults or possible future faults, that need to be rectified.

Looking for the start of corrosion on gaskets and covers, removing and testing thermostats, looking for excessive corrosion within the housing or block, resetting sync and links, looking for worn cables or damaged wiring, testing fuel systems and charging systems.  

And the list goes on.

It's just the start of a good service!

Many other service options are available to ensure the highest level of reliability in all areas of boating, such as:

  • Disconnecting the leg and dismantling the water pump, replacing seals or impellors to ensure adequate water flow and cooling.
  • Checking for fuel or oil leaks, loose connections, cracked or broken components.
  • Checking electrics including lights, electronics, charging systems etc.
  • Checking safety equipment including expiry dates.
  • Checking trailers to ensure they are safe, reliable and comply within current regulations and laws.
  • Offering advice on upgrades or replacement for those old or worn items.
  • And much more.

Servicing done by the Copper Coast Marine Centre - Can Do Marine will ensure reliable and safe boating.


Breakdowns do sometimes happen, often temporary repairs can be done at sea, but you need everything to be in your favour and unnecessary breakdowns to be minimized. This is what regular servicing helps to provide.

You can fix a broken fuel line, or rope start your outboard, but if the fuel pump or filters are faulty and way past their replacement date, or the ignition is in poor condition or compression is down on a cylinder, Good Luck!