You will need boat code identification if you are the owner of a registered boat or vessel.

Boat code involves fixing a set of small plates bearing a unique Hull Identification Number (HIN) to the hull of a vessel as a security measure. HIN plates can only be issued and affixed by an appointed boat code agent.

Boat code is compulsory for all recreational vessels being registered for the first time or when vessels change ownership.

Boat code agents are appointed by the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) to:

  • examine vessels for signs that they have been stolen and re-birthed
  • issue and verify hull identification numbers (HIN)
  • verify vessel details and provide a written certificate to DIT for recording on a database.

Before going to a boat code agent your boat must be registered in your name. Phone 8823 3025 to make an appointment and bring the temporary registration certificate with you.